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Dragon fruit~!!! Finally tried dragon fruit🐲💕 yesterday from my co-worker😜^^! It actually tasted better than what I imagine it to taste like xD.omg…noMmmzz…wish she had more though xD aha. Too bad they sell it way too expensive on guam. $7.99 a lb at pay-less|( ̄3 ̄)|.


One of the things I really loved about Takeuchi-sensei’s Sailor Moon art was her sense of hair flowing. I also loved how all of the Inner and Outer Senshi covered, pretty much, the entire hair spectrum. Haruka’s hair at the shortest and Usagi’s at the longest.

(Doodly doodled over the course of one per day.)

I also tried to get each senshi’s element or affinity… domain er, power sphere reflected in their hair, I wonder if anyone can see the relations.

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